5 Stunning Colour Palettes Hand-Picked By Dulux

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Last week, Dulux released five hand-picked colour palettes, each combining five shades that work beautifully together. Take a look…

1. Coastal Calm

The Coastal Calm palette says to me, ‘be tranquil, rest and relax’. To create the coastal feel, Dulux were inspired by summer evenings and sandy beaches.

2. Him & Her

Dulux describes the Him & Her palette as “the perfect colour marriage of masculine and feminine personas“. This is a great palette because it works for both traditional and contemporary settings.

If you’re a hardcore interiors addict like me, you’ll have a special appreciation for high quality paint blends. All of the colours in these palettes are from Dulux’s brand new luxury paint collection called Moda.
Dulux is known for being a great all-round paint brand, with enough colours and finishes to satisfy any taste. However, the new Moda collection propels Dulux into the luxury paint market, which appeals to interior designers and design junkies.
So why is Moda special? Because the washable matt emulsion formula contains premium quality pigments and specially-blended clays. This gives the paint excellent depth of colour, a smooth application and a soft-to-touch finish.

3. Mineral Glow

Mineral Glow is inspired by nature’s mineral hues such as anthracite, copper and gold. It’s a clever combination because it’s neither too warm nor too cold. Dulux purposefully chose these colours to create a very contemporary look.

4. True Romance

This palette is fresh yet seductive. The zesty greens, neutrals and powerful pink evoke passion and energy.

5. Subtle Glamour

I love this palette because it’s inspired by classic Hollywood glamour. The soft pastels, warm greys and pale caramels will breathe elegance into a space.
Which palette is your favourite?

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