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Faithfull Illuminator 360° LED Task Light 50W

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The Faithfull Illuminator 360° LED Task Light provides a powerful 4000 lumen light output. The dome shape provides 360° of light, ideal for larger working areas where light is limited. Manufactured with the latest LED technology, this unit provides a safe and reliable light for trade professionals. Built-in carry handles and integrated cable storage allow for easy movement. The light can be mounted on the FPPTRIHD3M Heavy-Duty Tripod (available separately).

The FPPTRIKIT1 T bar attachment is also required to enable 1 or 2 Illuminator lights to be fixed to the tripod.

This light also features an integrated power take-off socket, allowing the linking of further units which can provide a continued light source for a larger area.


Output: 4,000 lumens
LED Power: 50W
Colour Range: 5,000K
LED Lifetime: 50,000 hours
IP Rating: IP44
Cable Length: 5m (Ø1.5mm²)


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